Why should you hire archive producers?

Archive producers are persistent and inventive – archives must be beautiful, rare and budget-friendly!

Archive producers are persistent and inventive – archives must be beautiful, rare and budget-friendly!

offer a wide range of services. …  You can decide for yourself in which phase of your project you need support.

bring experience and knowledge of where to find the right material for your script..

…  carry out visual research and search a wide range of sources for footage, photos and documents.

manage the archive material, name it correctly and can thus identify it at any time in the post-production phase.

…  carry out cost estimates and copyright checks regularly and in a short time.

…  conduct the financial negotiations with the archives, using their practised negotiating skills.

conduct all negotiations on licensing agreements to ensure that you have all the necessary protections in place and end up with a complete package of licensing agreements.

coordinate a team of researchers, for example on larger projects such as series with a high archive content.

negotiate prices down – sometimes drastically –  with skill. Savings of one third to one half are possible. This is the only way to keep within the archive budget.

… apply their experience. They have contacts to a wide range of archives and enjoy their trust.


Do I need to provide office space and other resources for an archive producer?

No, most archive producers have their own office and can work independently. Some archive producers are willing to work in a client’s office, others are not, so this is an arrangement that has to be made directly with the person commissioned.

Do GRAP members only work with German clients?

No, GRAP members work on projects for clients all over the world. Most speak fluent English, and some are also proficient in other languages.

How do I find a GRAP member who has the right experience and background for my specific project?

Under the menu item “Find an Archive Producer” you will find a detailed form to present your project. Your details will be forwarded to all freelance members of the association.

Under the menu item “Members” you will find all current members of GRAP with a short biography, experience and contact details.

If you would first like some advice or an assessment of your project, please feel free to write us an email at


My project has a production duration of several months or even years, but I only need an Archive Producer sporadically for a short time during the production. How does that work?

Our archive producers work on a freelance basis, and most are able to work on projects off and on over a longer period of time, balancing your needs and wishes with those of other clients.

Is it true that I save money on licensing costs if I hire a GRAP member?

Yes, this is usually the case, because experienced archive producers know a variety of sources around the world and can negotiate special prices with them. Archive producers are experienced negotiators with longstanding contacts in the archival world and know how to get value for your archival budget in different ways.

Are archive producers also familiar with music rights?

Some do, others do not. You should discuss this directly with them.

Despite having an Archive Producer, do I still need a lawyer to assess unclear copyright issues?

Yes, our researchers and archive producers know the basics of copyright law and keep up to date with changes in copyright law so that they can identify problems at an early stage. They are also familiar with how to negotiate licences safely. Ultimately, however, they are not lawyers and cannot take on this ultimate responsibility in unclear situations.