Archive Producer

Stephen Maier, Vanessa Christoffers-Trinks

Production company

Corso Films, Embankment Films, Fruitmarket, Phiphen Pictures

Sky, Theatrical distribution
About This Project

The Stasi’s preferred team, football club Berliner FC Dynamo, had a decade-long era of success before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The Stasi allegedly used bribery, intimidation, surveillance, forced transfers and murder. The documentary uses personal testimony from survivors of the era combined with access to the Stasi Files, 111 linear kilometres of corridors containing previously unseen Stasi paperwork and communications from the Stasi Records Agency.


Stephen and Vanessa’s work was honoured with the FOCAL Award 2024 in the category “Best Use of Footage in a History Feature”.


Here, the two give an insight into the work on this project in an interview.